Meet Sheela Stark

An Xiennial homeschool mother, attorney and business owner who understands the challenges raising a family in an age where government officials are not advocating for the family but instead are doing everything they can to destroy it. 

Ms. Stark spent fifteen years as a special needs therapist, paying her way through 
college and law school pushing forward to achieve the American Dream that is now so elusive for the average Californian due to draconian and over-regulated policies passed in Sacramento.

As an attorney for close to a decade, Ms. Stark focuses on assisting the most vulnerable of society which has given her a unique insight to the human experience. She has spent countless hours giving back to the special needs community through various committees, boards and pro bono work. 

As a professor, Ms. Stark advocated for her students who were from all religions, races, ethnicities, genders, and identities in their ability to push forward in achieving their goals and desires, despite the hardships of living in a world trying to divide and destroy their unity and dreams. 

As your Assemblywoman, Ms. Stark will use her negotiation skills to work hard to stop the division and chaos created in Sacramento from government overreach and start focusing on creating a better future for everyone's children, including hers.