Meet Sheela Stark

"Hello! My name is Sheela Stark! I am a proud mom of two, wife, attorney and small business owner! I understand the challenges of raising a family and owning a business in an age where government is overstepping its bounds.

I am a product of the American dream that is now so elusive for the average Californian due to over-regulating policies passed in Sacramento. I worked hard as a special needs therapist for fifteen years to pay for college and law school. Now as an attorney for nearly a decade, I have focused on assisting the most vulnerable of society through my practice. As a former professor, I had the privilege of advocating for students from all religions, races, ethnicities, backgrounds, and walks of life.  I have spent my entire professional career fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves! 

As your Assemblywoman, I will fight for YOU! Whether you are a parent, small business owner, college student, child, or taxpayer, I will work tirelessly to reverse and combat senseless government overreach in Sacramento. I will work improve our quality of life, preserve our Constitutional rights, increase our public safety, and protect our children!" 


-Sheela Stark