Action Plan

protecting our children 

Education is California's largest expenditure, yet California ranks as one of the lowest in the nation in terms of education. 

We need to prepare our students for the tech-forward future by providing educational programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). 

We need to combat

over-stepping policies from Sacramento that are breaking down the parent-child relationship. Our children NEED and DESERVE the ability to be kids without being on the front lines of political battles. 

As your Assemblywoman, I will fight to ensure that children, including my own,  are protected and given every opportunity to succeed! 

increasing public safety 

With our ever increasing crime rates, it is essential that we support our police officers. Funding for the protection of our cities, homes, and children should never be tied to senseless "public health" decisions in Sacramento. 

Our legislators need to focus on supporting our law enforcement by continuing to criminalize crime! We need to repeal Proposition 47, a proposition that reclassified petty theft and shop lifting under $950 as a misdemeanor. We also need to repeal AB 109 which reduces the penalties for parole violations and shifts responsibility of thousands of felons from state prisons to overcrowded county jails. 

When I am elected into office, I will make it a priority to support our public safety officers. I will fight against senseless propositions that hurt our communities! 

improving quality of life 

California is one of the most expensive places to live in the country. A large portion of Californians live at or below the poverty line. We need common sense solutions to combat the housing crisis and record-breaking unemployment. 

In order to lower the cost of housing, overregulation for new housing development needs to be streamlined in order to bring developers back to our state. 

We need to provide companies the opportunity to invest in our communities. This will not only create jobs, but maintain them. In order to do this, we must prevent bills from passing that hurt small and large businesses.


Making housing and job creation a priority will address our inhumane homelessness  situation. We need to provide better mental health and special needs services that are currently underfunded. 

Every Californian's quality of life should be made a top priority. As your Assemblywoman, I will make it one of mine! 


preserving our constitutional rights 

Our Constitutional rights are being eroded California! We need to stop constant Constitutional violations from the CA legislature and repeal the ones that have already been enacted. 

The rights of our First Amendment should always be protected. Californians should NEVER have to worry about being criminalized for expressing their freedom of religion, peacefully protesting, or expressing their freedom of speech. 

Our Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms is a a right that is constantly infringed upon in our state. Buying ammunition and firearms is extremely difficult in California and shouldn't be for law-abiding citizens who simply want to exercise their right to bear arms. These regulations need to be repealed. 


 We also have a Constitutional right to privacy, which includes our medical records and medical history. Our government should never have access to our medical records or information without our consent. 

When I am elected into office, I promise to protect our Constitutional rights against all enemies, foreign and domestic.