Sheela Stark

For Assembly District 50

To Protect Our Children's Future

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"Policies in Sacramento have left California with one of the lowest ranking K-12 public school systems in the nation even though education is our largest state expenditure. Politicians in Sacramento are more focused on furthering social agendas and policing children's health rather than educating our students for the technological future. The government needs to keep their hands off our children and parental rights, stop eroding our Constitution, and focus on cleaning up the mess of soaring crime rates, loss of jobs due to businesses leaving, and the highest homeless population in the nation. They need to focus on how historic inflation and lack of affordable housing is creating generational poverty, not only at the gas pump, but also in making it impossible for the average person to afford a home. It's time for politicians in Sacramento to answer for destroying everything we hold dear in our beautiful State and we must stop them before our California dream becomes a complete nightmare. "